Concrete Work Contractor – epoxy floor

mixerEpoxy Floor Installation

Our customer was tired of a dusty basement and contacted Dependable Concrete Contractor to install a new concrete floor with an epoxy finish.

The product

We used a product from Sherwin Williams called H&C Shield-Crete. One application is all that was required.  A contractor that can do concrete work should have no problem applying this product. The cost of each kit was $149.00 and according to the manufacture, will cover 200-250sqft. I only got 150 sqft per kit and used 3 kits.  The kit comes in a 2 part liquid that has to be combined and mixed with a small mixing paddle and low speed.    A high speed drill will create bubbles in your epoxy finish.

Patience required with new concrete

Because we installed a new concrete floor,  its was critical to wait 28 days until the floor was fully cured.  If you prematurely apply epoxy to a drying floor then certainly the epoxy will fail. Concrete work contractors who ignore this critical step will fail at satisfying their client in the long run.

Benefits of an epoxy floor

There are several advantages to installing an epoxy floor.

  • easy to clean
    • squeegee water spills
    • sweep fine dust
  • reduces environmental dust
  • moisture barrier from wicking
  • reflects light
    • brightens room
    • more light reduces mold
    • reduces lighting expenses
  • durable
    • flexible
      • expands and contracts with change in temperature
    •  strong bond with concrete floor
  • staining
  • reduce odor
    • concrete is porous epoxy seals the pours

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